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Saratoga dentist Dr. Zadeh is here to remind you of some simple steps to keep your Invisalign treatment plan on track during your next big trip. Don’t let a vacation sidetrack your progress; traveling with Invisalign can be a breeze with these easy tips:

Visit Saratoga Invisalign Provider Dr. Zadeh Before Your Trip

Talk to Dr. Zadeh before you leave about keeping your treatment plan on track while you are away.

Make sure you have your next set of aligners with you if you plan on taking an extending vacation this summer!

Pack Your Invisalign Aligners Carefully

Don’t forget to bring a travel case that will protect and keep your aligners clean while on your trip. If you are checking bags while flying, keep your aligners in your carry on to help avoid any issues if your bags are lost or delayed.

Put Together a Travel Size Dental Hygiene Kit

Remembering to maintain good oral hygiene while on vacation can be made easier with a travel size kit! Whether you are on a road trip, a cruise, or a long flight, remembering to rinse and brush after every meal can be a challenge. With an inconspicuous dental hygiene kit you will be more likely to remember!

Know Your Water Sources

Be extra careful while traveling and know if your water is safe to ingest. If you are unsure, use bottled water or boiled water to clean and rinse your aligners and brush your teeth. A good tip to avoid accidently getting water in your mouth while you shower is to swish mouthwash in your mouth while you bathe.

Stay Hydrated!

Dr. Zadeh understands, some days you will simply be too busy exploring to stop and brush your teeth. So keep a water bottle on you at all times to stay hydrated and help keep your mouth clean and free of debri. Make sure to brush as soon as you can to prevent bacteria and plaque buildup from occurring.

Saratoga Invisalign provider Dr. Zadeh wants to help you achieve your dental goals and will work with you to ensure you stay on track with your treatment plan while you travel. Call Dr. Zadeh at 408-252-0480 today to learn more about how easy traveling with Invisalign actually is!