Find Relief From Dry Mouth in Saratoga

When it seems like you can’t quench your thirst or it feels like sand is in your mouth, you need extra help that water can’t quite provide. During your regular dental checkup, if you report struggling with dry mouth in Saratoga, we can offer solutions that will:

  • Allow you to chew your foods without difficulty
  • Make it easier for you to speak
  • Reduce your risk for infections or gum disease
  • Put a stop to your feeling of constant thirst
  • Address any issues triggering the problem

Tired of a parched mouth? Call 408-533-0086 for an appointment. If you don’t have insurance, ask about our VIP Membership. You’ll pay a small monthly fee for coverage on cleanings and exams and a 10 percent discount on other services.

Treat Your Dry Mouth Problems Quickly

Dealing with a dry mouth can seem like an irritating, but minor problem. However, you shouldn’t simply ignore the condition, Left untreated, you put your smile at risk for gum disease, cavities, and other issues if you aren’t producing enough saliva to wash away bacteria.

We’ll do a thorough examination and discuss the possible causes for this issue. It’s often the side effect of many medications as well as a result of tobacco usage, drinking alcoholic beverages, or dehydration.  Depending on our findings, we’ll discuss medication management tips, lifestyle change you’ll want to make, and offer products you can use at home for relief.

Tired of dealing with a dry mouth in Saratoga? Don’t ignore it! Call 408-533-0086 for an appointment.