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Patient Reviews Saratoga

Dental Patient Reviews Saratoga

Dear Dr. Zadeh and Team,

On behalf of the Savage family I want to thank you all. Thank you for providing excellent treatment and care for us from the time I first saw you in 1995 (? Maybe ?) when you took over the practice. From the time you showed Scott that going to the dentist is ot supposed to be unbearably painful as his prior dental experiences had always been. From the time you treated our eldest who was 2 years old or so, and when you patiently treated our youngest who would not open his mouth yet your staff allowed him to see all of the tools and just sit there. Then there was the time when Nick fell off the bars at school and chipped his brand new upper front tooth, and the emergency root canal I needed three days before flying overseas. We sent our parents/in-laws to you and they have raved ever since about your exceptional team, the attentive care you provide and your wonderful demeanors.

I had negative experiences as a child at the dentist and was well in my thirties when I found out I had been strapped to a chair that reclined at the ENT office when I was two or three in order to do a procedure on my ear infection. Even knowing this now I can sense my nervousness when entering the chair. Yet the kind staff and your personality, Dr. Zadeh, always help calm my fears.

Thank you also for being open during Covid. We appreciate you and your team.

Julianne, Scott, Jack, Nick Savage
and echoing the statements by Sandra and Wayne Savage



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